Picture This Studios

Tom Williamson

I love using film to tell someone’s story. When it comes to shooting, I particularly enjoy capturing wide angle shots of locations but also smaller details that may usually go unnoticed. Once I have all the shots required I can’t wait to start piecing them together into an immersive visual tale. My background is in Fine Art, which led on to animation and later led onto Film, Video Production and Photography, so I have a broad set of skills in this line of work. Recently moved to the Cayman Islands from the UK, I’m really pleased to be working somewhere with such beautiful sun and scenery. Working for Picture This Studios gives me the perfect opportunity to capture the lives and sentimental moments of those who live or visit the Cayman Islands.

Although the majority of my work is Cinematography, I really enjoy capturing the moment in photography. I often turn up to busy public events or festivities nearby to take photographs simply to express my creativity. Another recent obsession of mine is time-lapse and hyperlapse photography. I find these techniques give a wonderful impression of life and time passing by, whilst drawing your attention to the surrounding architecture from various angles.

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