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Daria Keenan

Welcome to my little real-estate of this site. My name is Daria and I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Over two years ago, my husband, my beautiful baby girl, Ellerie, and me, of course, packed up our belongings and moved to the island on a whim. I left my corporate job in HR and decided I wanted to take beautiful sunset photos of my baby growing-up on the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. No brainer, right?! But like so many women, I struggle with how fast time seems to fly by. This is why I love photography. It lets me document those precious moments that whiz by oh so fast! When you tell me, ‘I just want to get some photos taken before my baby loses those chubby cheeks,’ I totally get it! And I particularly get it when you tell me how terrible you feel because it’s been four years since your last family photo. So let’s chat! We’ll plan your session, we’ll have a dandy old time, and you’ll love every single image!

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