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Bouke Maddock

Everyone calls me Mr B, My main focus is ensuring the high levels of service and product quality we have become Internationally known for.
My first experience with cameras happened when my brother was given a brand new Kodak Disc camera for his birthday, I was never allowed to touch it but that didn’t stop me. It wasn’t until I got to the Cayman Islands when I was given an Olympus 5050 with an underwater housing that my real interest in cameras took off. I would spend all my down time focusing on Flamingo tongue snails and waiting for that one fish to look directly into the lens. For anyone interested in Underwater Photography, make sure you have a patient dive buddy with you! My favourite aspect of work at Picture This Studios would be solving problems and helping people out, whether it is choosing the right camera, finding the perfect frame, organizing photo session or restoring a damaged picture. Often, I am asked if I think a Photo is good or not, My reply is always ‘do you like? If you do, it is an amazing photo and it doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you’.

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